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How I Used AI to Create My Etsy Store in 2 Days

In just two days, with the help of AI, I set up an Etsy store, created 17 listings with over 100 items, and made 3 sales! This blog post outlines the steps I took to achieve this and offers tips for anyone looking to create their own digital art store on Etsy using AI.

Why Digital Downloads?

When deciding what kind of Etsy store to create, I had a few deal breakers:

  • No physical products: I didn’t want to deal with shipping, product damages, or inventory.

  • Nothing personalized: I needed a shop that could run without me having to complete orders, like adding someone’s name to an item.

This left me with digital downloads, but what kind? I began my research and found a successful store, 7 Art Prints, which had over 45,000 sales since 2021. Inspired by their success, I decided to give it a try.

Getting Started with AI

I subscribed to OpenArt for $72 per year. While there might be better options, I was familiar with this one. Here are the steps I took to create my digital art:

  1. Research Trends: I used the free version of eRank to search for popular keywords like "wall art digital download." I didn't need the top trending item, just something that had proven success.

  2. Get Inspiration: I asked my sister, who has a great eye for decor, to send me samples of elegant and timeless art. I also read the book "Steal Like an Artist" to gather ideas and inspiration.

  3. Use AI to Create Art: I uploaded images into OpenArt and requested changes (e.g., make it watercolor or use it as a reference to create something new). This was incredibly fun and felt like true artistic creation.

Creating and Listing Art

  1. Trust Your Taste: The biggest lesson from stock photography is that if you think it's pretty, someone else will too. Trust your gut.

  2. Finalizing the Art: I ran the AI-generated images through Photoshop to increase the resolution and maybe add a filter if needed.

  3. Mockup Creation: Using Canva, I dropped the images into living room frames to create appealing mockups for my listings.

Using ChatGPT for Descriptions

  1. Generate Descriptions: I used ChatGPT to create product descriptions. I took an existing description, ran it through ChatGPT, and adjusted it to fit my parameters.

  2. Include AI Note: I added a note that the image started as AI-generated and was then manipulated by me, the resident artist.

Setting Up the Etsy Store

  1. Upload Listings: I uploaded the finalized images and mockups to my Etsy store.

  2. Monitor and Adjust: I’ll continue to monitor my shop’s performance and make adjustments as needed.

Creating an Etsy store with the help of AI is not only possible but also fun and efficient. In just two days, I was able to set up my store, create multiple listings, and make sales. The key steps include researching trends, using AI for art creation, finalizing your work, creating mockups, and using AI for product descriptions.

If you’re thinking about starting your own Etsy store with digital downloads, trust your instincts, use the tools available, and have fun with the process. Check out my video for a detailed walkthrough and stay tuned for updates on how my store progresses!

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