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Introducing the Inspirational Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults

You already know about coloring books. You've probably seen me talk about them before. And you're likely familiar with inspirational quote books. But what happens when we combine these two and add a bit of spice? That's where the Inspirational Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults comes in.

Step 1: Research!

I've been creating kid mazes and motivational quotes for adults for a while now. But I noticed a gap in the market for something a bit more... colorful. This book isn't just an idea; it's a hit. With 431 sales in less than a month at $7.99 each, that's $3,443 in revenue from just one book! It's an adult coloring book with swear words and inspirational quotes.

Step 2: Design

For the design, I started with Canva, but I wanted something more mature and technical for my book covers. Canva didn't quite meet my needs, and I was tired of worrying about copyright violations. That's when I switched to Kittl. Although I'm still mastering the process and there is a learning curve, Kittl offers great AI programs. Depending on your plan, you get a certain number of credits, which allowed me to create half of the coloring pages with Kittl and the other half with OpenAI.

For the text, I turned to ChatGPT. I asked it to generate short, empowering phrases using curse words, and it did not disappoint. In Kittl, I made the text bold and eye-catching, ensuring each page popped with personality.

Step 3: Putting It All Together and Uploading to KDP

Once everything was ready, I moved over to BookBolt to create the project. This step involved compiling all the elements and uploading the finished product to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

The process of creating an Inspirational Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults has been a fantastic journey, combining creativity, technology, and a dash of humor. If you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look, don't forget to subscribe for more updates!

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