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My Side Hustle Journey: From Failures to Daily Passive Income - Learn from My Experience!

Embarking on the side hustle journey is a familiar tale for many of us seeking additional income streams. In this blog post, I'm going to take you through my personal experience with three popular side hustles. Brace yourself for the highs, lows, and the golden nugget that transformed into a daily source of passive income.

I've been where you are—scouring the internet for a side hustle that aligns with my schedule, costs me nothing, and holds the promise of extra income. Let's dive into my journey and explore the successes and failures that came my way.

Hustle #1: Amazon Publishing/KDP My first venture led me into the realm of Amazon publishing, specifically the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. I dabbled in low-content books like journals and coloring books. The concept was intriguing—create visually appealing covers and let the buyers fill the pages.

Tips for Trying:

  • Target Audience: Research and identify the audience for your niche.

  • Quality Design: Invest time in creating eye-catching covers and graphics.

  • Promotion: Understand the importance of promoting your creations.

  • Patience and Persistence: Be prepared for a learning curve, especially in formatting.

Hustle #2: Print on Demand (POD): While my journey with Amazon publishing wasn't as successful as I hoped, it led me to the world of Print on Demand. By bringing a unique idea to life and effective promotion, I garnered millions of views and valuable leads to my POD shop.

Learning Curve:

  • Low: The learning curve for POD is manageable with unique ideas and promotion.

Hustle #3: Stock Photography: My third and most significant success came from an unexpected source—stock photography. Leveraging my background as a wedding photographer, I uploaded images of cakes, flowers, and tablescapes. Astonishingly, this side hustle continues to generate daily passive income, and I haven't uploaded a photo in three years.

Tips for Exploring Stock Photography:

  • Scale Your Efforts: Explore ways to shoot on-demand for increased sales.

  • Tech Skills: Moderate tech skills are necessary for uploading images.

  • Use Your Phone: While using a phone is limiting, it's still a viable option.

My journey through these side hustles taught me valuable lessons about persistence, adaptability, and the importance of choosing the right venture. If you're still searching for the perfect side hustle, I've prepared a FREE workbook to guide you. Click here or visit to kickstart your own side hustle journey. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know if you'd like more insights into the world of stock photography. Happy hustling!

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