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Overcoming the Overwhelm: How Skillshare Became My Learning Lifesaver

Hey there!

Ever felt that overwhelming sense of dread when starting something new? You know, that moment when you’re staring at a blank page, a new gadget, or an empty calendar, and thinking, “How on earth am I going to figure this out?” Yep, I’ve been there too. More times than I can count, actually.

(Photo from a wedding I shot.)

Let me tell you a little story. A while back, I decided to dive into the world of photography. I’d always loved capturing moments, but my skills were pretty basic. I bought myself a nice camera, but when I opened the box, I was instantly overwhelmed by all the buttons, settings, and terms I didn’t understand. The user manual alone felt like it was written in a different language!

Feeling stuck and almost ready to give up, I remembered hearing about Skillshare from a friend. With nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try. And boy, am I glad I did!

Skillshare is like a treasure chest of knowledge, just waiting to be unlocked. The variety of topics covered is astounding—everything from photography and graphic design to business and personal development. And the best part? All the classes are taught by skilled, experienced professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

This was taken in a studio, and I used Photoshop to edit in the room!

When I started my photography journey, I jumped into a course on understanding my camera. The instructor was amazing, breaking down complex concepts into simple, manageable lessons. I went from being clueless about my camera’s settings to feeling confident enough to experiment and find my unique style.

But Skillshare didn’t just stop at helping me master my camera. When I decided to turn my passion into a business, I found an entire section of classes dedicated to starting and running a successful photography business. From marketing tips to client management and financial planning, Skillshare had me covered. Each class felt like a conversation with a mentor, guiding me through the maze of entrepreneurship.

Now, I’m not saying the journey was easy. There were still moments of doubt and frustration. But knowing I had access to such a supportive learning community made all the difference. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt empowered. Whenever I hit a roadblock, I knew there was a class or a community discussion that could help me get back on track.

(Family Photography)

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by something new, remember that you’re not alone. There are incredible resources out there, like Skillshare, that can turn your feelings of dread into excitement and confidence. Take it one step at a time, and don’t be afraid to seek help. After all, learning is a journey, and with the right tools and support, it can be a truly amazing one.

Happy learning, and remember—you’ve got this!



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